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March 13
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Warmth by soda-po Warmth by soda-po
"I've forgotten... How warm this feeling is..."
Friends? They're only temporary.

It's only at the start, people like her--people like them --come and go; soon there will come a time when that 'friendship' will end. And then that question would resurfaced on his mind again, and everything that he tried to bury on that day would---


He wouldn't repeat the same mistakes, for now he'll trust her as a fellow player: an acquaintance met in this strange yet wonderful game. An acquaintance, nothing more nothing less. Shishi can have all those 'friends', after all, the real him is the one who is supposed to be surrounded by all the lights.

He is already contented enough to just see the lights.

And that's enough for Senkou.

"...It's enough... I guess."

Because I like torturing Senkou and make him all angsty and stuff

He wants to avoid conversation with other people (except NPCs) for a reason.

But that doesn't mean that he hates/dislikes it.

I'll stop being dramatic and such ;v; my throat is still sore, my nose is still running like waterfalls, and my eyes are reading too much kuroko--nope :iconkurokohideplz:

Also, let's pretend that he's wearing his Moonphase instead of a normal headphone//shot

So yeah, thanks so much for the friendship-building Emily!
...NOW ONTO THE NEXT ONE WOMAN AND HER FLYING JELLY! :iconrazycryplz: //slapped

..I'll shut up now. ;v;

Emily & Clarity (c) :icontashaj4de:
ShishiSenkou (c) Me
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Rootienut Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You monster! Torturing the poor Senkou. Senkouuu, I'll give you all the lovings...just so sorry it won't be the gentle type...
Fae and her temper ;A; you'll see she will show affection...perhaps not the moe-moe/kawaii/tender...b-but nonetheless, affection, Fae style!
soda-po Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Hobbyist
Yes yes, I'm a monster, but it's not like I killed his hopes and dreams that made him all angsty and empty--oh wait..//shot.

I can imagine a "I-it's not like I'm worried about you or something! Baka!" Tsuntsun-type--Ah but it could be entirely different--Oh but please don't tell Fae, I still have to live to torture help Senkou...on something.

OH but don't you worry! Senkou accepts all kind of affection--//gets killed by Senkou
Rootienut Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
xD //revives

Haha, we'll just have to wait and see how their interaction progresses. Should be interesting, I went to bed forming several scenarios...sadly, I've forgotten all of them QnQ

Pfft, you and me both..Fae can't have it easy! Hmm, I'm sure if I were to meet her she'd smack me over the head for that. >.<

Sweet! :'D Cause Fae won't give him any other choice but to accept... or else :iconibaramadplz:
soda-po Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist
Ah, I somehow envy you people--for coming up with various scenarios and future/past stuff for them already ;v; Oh but, you may have forgotten those but it'll come around sooner or later d(*w* o)

Hmm, maybe someone should build a Fae-radar that detects her existence from miles least that'll give enough time for everybody to hide :iconrazycryplz:

Do I detect a threat? :iconkagepro82plz: Well, Fae will have to go through me first!
..Oh right, it is Fae that we're talking about soo.. Yeah, sure please feel free to go right through me like a door. :iconhibiyacryplz:
Rootienut Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pfft, the only bad thing about those scenarios is they come as they please and not when you try your best to come up with one...thus the "writers block" //slaps

xD! Exactly my thoughts. I feel I'd be terrible at ridding....probably get sniffed out by her keen scent of fear...I'll be sweating fear like bullets OTZ

What? A threat? Neever, a promise, definitely. :iconpervysmurfplz:
Hmm, I'm not might burst into little wooden pieces if she is in one of her moods or maybe she might just twirl you around until you pass's really a gamble. 
soda-po Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist
Ah, those mischievous little plot bunnies and their disappearing act when you need them the most :iconyuinodplz:

I thought the scent of fear only works with couples and marriages? Like a husband trying to get away from an angry wife..or something. :iconnyoronplz:
...And now I'm kinda imagining Senkou hiding in fear while an angry Fae is just a foot away from his hiding place pfft.

:iconrlyplz: ...

:iconrlytearplz: Like I said from the beginning (if I ever said it), please, feel free to just take Senkou away and never return again. Would you like a Shishi to go with your order? *desperately trying not to cower in fear lol*
Rootienut Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's why I call them Houdini!

Really? I dunno about friend was always great at finding me in hiding games. I always thought it was due to her keen smell of fear lol we always hid at can just imagine my wrinkled frightened face. Lol. 

Actually, I can see fae as Godzilla rampaging through the city to find senkou, lol. That is a funny sight. 

Pfft, haha. You are terrible, giving him away like that. Lol with a side of shishi, actually I'd just take the side of shishi instead. Lol, he'd make for a great extra pillow. I love his puffiness. Well senkou, seems like your master is gonna sell....Actually, donate you...hmm, he can be fae's yoga buddy!! 
soda-po Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist
:iconawwyeahplz: To think of the great relevance between bunnies and Houdini. :iconbravoplz:

...Oh. dark places. Brr. That's a place I'd rather not let you go into often--unless they offer cookies//ifyouknowwhatImean

Godzilla?!Pfftt--I mean...T-that's even more disastrous! Poor... the poor city! How could anyone let them suffer for such a weirdo called Senkou?

I could always make a Senkou jr. and Shishi jr. :iconimsotiredplz: Oh but no I take that back.
You can take away Senkou.
And you can break me into wooden little pieces like a door.
But you can never take away me dear Shishi.
For Shishi is Shishi.

But yeah, you can use Senkou as a yoga buddy--or a punching bag, whichever you prefer uvu
(..I can't believe I'm terrible to my children :iconpapcryplz: )
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tashaj4de Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't even

what watwat-- //shot

This just makes me wonder-- What exactly happened to Senkou before-? //kickedawei

"WOMAN AND HER FLYING JELLY!" :iconifreakinloveitplz: THIS---- :iconlmfao-plz: (I'm sorry Clarity but that's still funny-- //SHOT)
soda-po Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Hobbyist


Yes? :iconshintarosmirk2plz:

Hmmm... You'll see in the future. When the time is right. //cue game suspicious/mystery theme//

(Yeah, I'm sorry that I'm not sorry :iconyukikotiredplz://noIdidn'tsayanythingpleasedontkickmeClarityyyyy )
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